Welcome to Living Essence

A centre for mindfulness-based living in tranquil, elegant urban surroundings.


Living Essence! It was Liza’s dream to create an oasis of greenery and calm in the city… and it works. If you want to run workshops that need a special place for people to think and be and flourish then this is THE place. Liza offers light and space with thoughtful touches in abundance. LoveLegacyDignity will launch its third and fourth series of workshops at Living Essence as 2020 begins its flow. Our workshops use many modalities: writing, art, music, meditation, mosaic. Everything you need is at hand - all the practicalities- work tables, meditation chairs, Wi-Fi, speakers, screen, beverages! As a client you are freed to totally focus on your workshop whilst feeling easefully supported. I feel blessed to be able to do our LoveLegacyDignity work in such beauty and bounty of place and spirit.

Helena Dolny | Co-Founder of LoveLegacyDignity

I’ve at last got home after two wonderful but intense days. I cannot express my deep personal gratitude for you. You are all such a support to me. It is such a pleasure being in your space. I feel cared for, heard, seen, nourished, and at home. Your generosity of time, space and food is immeasurable. Thank you so much.

Marj Murray | Director at Breathwork Africa

It has been my privilege to coach and supervise as a partner to Living Essence for a few years. Our new space at the Urban Oasis and Mindfulness Studio is a very special one and my clients are so happy to trade their Corporate environment for the peace, tranquility and beauty of this Urban Oasis. They leave with a sense of renewal, mindfulness and re-energising for the pace that awaits them back in their fast paced worlds.

Sharon Jansen | Executive Coach and coach supervisor


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