Liza Stead


For many years I’ve relished time for personal retreats and solo trips to replenish away from frenetic activity, crowds and the demands of a corporate role. I’ve discovered glorious retreat centres in South Africa and beautiful destinations across the world for yoga, silence, meditation and walking. It was my habit to pack heaps of books, journal, sketch book, devices, yoga mat, walking shoes, running shoes – all to have options for activities.

Aware of the distraction of activity in my daily life and inner world, I’ve deliberately, albeit uncomfortably, adopted the practice of doing less and intentionally allowing time for non-doing and unplugging from technology. I’m learning to be more present to thoughts, emotions and my body, and to befriend and accept my life as it unfolds.

This has been especially necessary after my husband and I experienced a terrifying assault during a home invasion, and meditation helped in the recovery process.

I later experienced an 8-week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme based on Jon Kabat-Zinn’s teaching and formal and informal practice, and this further strengthened my deep desire to live more mindfully in my everyday life. I’ve since completed the 2-year Post-Graduate MBSR Teacher Training and share teaching space with a fellow teacher and Psychologist, Sarah Taylor.

I’ve created what I was looking for – a local, easily accessible place where people come to withdraw from their usual routine, noise and demands of daily life – for a few hours or a day – to be alone and quiet, unplugged, and to find their way back to life, replenished. We guide people in integrating mindfulness practices into daily living.

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