Sharon Jansen


Coaching Supervision  integral to Professional practice

What is supervision for coaches?

Coaching is an essentially solo career. Working one on one with clients we don’t have an observer or colleague to offer us feedback on our style, our rigour, the quality of our work.

When we were in training as coaches we had the benefit of observed coaching, feedback from observers and teachers. We got the certificate and off we go and start coaching clients.  Our clients gain huge benefits from the work we do with them and where do we coaches go in order to “ sharpen the saw”?

Supervision, either one on one or in a group setting, provides us with a safe container to explore our practice through a number of lenses.  These lenses are: Supportive -self as coach, Normative – ethical and professional practice,  Formative – ways in which I could be working with this client.

Through regular supervision, we develop our inner supervisor, enhance our practice and work more effectively with our clients. We further grow and develop as coaches and attendance and participation earns us 10 ICF CCEU in Core Competence in a 12 month period.

“ Who we are is how we Coach”  Supervision develops supervision about self and our practice.

For further information on joining a group or experiencing one on one supervision contact Sharon on 0829004398 or

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