Holding space to being HOME!

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Is it possible to say I’ve come through this transition phase? If we’re committed to a life of transformation, ongoing personal growth and consciousness, then all of life is a transition, but in other ways, the steps and actions we apply to reach certain goals and outcomes also form transitions. This happens constantly at a macro and micro level in our lives.

The recent transition that I’ve written about involved my living in a rented apartment while a new development I’d bought into was completed. One year later, I finally moved into what came to be known as my “dream investment home”, rather than my “dream home”… snagged, unpacked, re-arranged and settled. I found my rhythm again – going to gym, new yoga studio, taking long walks discovering the new neighbourhood and finding the nearest Woolies and other local shops and services to serve my various needs. The short drive to work was an unexpected bonus. Family and friends said they liked the place and it’s calming energy. It felt good to be living again in a home that I owned and putting my personal mark in this lock-up-and-go space to create the simplicity and understated sophistication that I sought.

So, I won’t blame any of us for the surprise or confusion when you hear that another place has called me home! Truly my DREAM HOME! I would not have found it if I hadn’t moved in here, driving past between going to gym and collecting post. The something missing in this apartment is a little tranquil garden of my own to potter and grow herbs and flowers, and a patio large enough for entertaining. I fell in love and there was nothing that I could fault in this stylish renovation with private garden, classy finishings and spaciousness. I could see myself moving right in and settling; the added bonus of a study area spacious enough to stand the easel for my art. It’s a place where I can see all the facets of my personality and passions being expressed. And it’s still the lock-up-and-go, simplicity and sophistication that I longed for, with the short drive to work. The dream investment home became my holding space and stepping stone, to where in basic trust, simple patience and deep gratitude, my essential needs will be met. Highly uncharacteristically, I hadn’t thrown away the boxes from moving after my brother offered to store them in case they’d be needed. What did he know that I didn’t know then?!

There are a handful of times in my life when I’ve experienced the absolute flow of events falling into place to bring about something significant. No hard work needed… and the feelings are calm, contained, peaceful, quiet excitement and immense gratitude. It’s still in the same neighbourhood, and here goes one more move to a place where I shall both put down roots and spread my wings. Life is oh, so special!

“Life is a great big canvas and you should throw all the paint on it you can!” Danny Kaye

x Li


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