Living on Purpose – May 2011

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Surround yourself with people who believe in you; with positive and inspiring human beings who will lift you higher.

Have you heard it said that the company you keep colours you?  We all know people who drain and deplete our energy, who endlessly complain or criticize others, who thrive on choking our potential and enthusiasm for life.  On the other hand, if we surround ourselves with people who are optimistic, inspirational, energizing, full of joy and gratitude for life, we soon find ourselves beginning to adopt their attitudes.  Have you ever tried not to smile when someone smiles a gorgeous smile at you, or not laugh when you’re in a group sharing a good belly laugh?  It’s virtually impossible to stay down when you’re around people who are enjoying life.

Who are the five to ten people that you spend most of your time with?  Ask yourself…

How does this person make me feel?
Can I be myself with them?
Am I honest with them?
Can I say what I want to?
Do I feel comfortable with them?
How do I feel when this person walks into a room?
How do I feel when this person leaves?
Do I change myself for them?
Do I want them to change for me?
Do I hide my real feelings or am I open when I’m with them?
Do they make me feel less or more than I am?
Do I trust them?

Kerry Armstrong, in her book, The Circles, gives a guide and process to find clarity about the people in your life, including yourself, and where they are positioned in your life from the centre outwards – those you trust with your heart and soul – to those in the outer circle where you place people who hurt you, angered you or let you down.  By placing certain people in the distance, you can find rest and peace, and let go if you choose to. You’re reminded to avoid people who drain you. By placing people in the closest circles, you’re reminded of why you like to spend time with them and who those are that you’d like to bring in closer and share more time with because they inspire the best in you.

And whilst we think of those people who we truly value in our lives, remember most of all to be that inspirational, energizing, motivational, optimistic person that others love to be around, and as Gandhi quoted, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

x Li


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