My Kind of Extra-Ordinary!

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Today’s writing is inspired by a conversation with an extra-ordinary friend. I quoted another conversation I’d once had with someone when I was in my late twenties when I said: “I was not made to live an ordinary life.” I hadn’t meant it with arrogance, nor could I have foreseen some of the obstacles that I would face, but in the territory that we covered this morning together and reflection since, I realize that I have been privileged to live an extra-ordinary life. I didn’t know what it would look like way back then, but I remember a very strong stirring inside me to make some formidable changes to get me on that track to EXTRA-ORDINARY.

Extra-ordinary will mean something different to every one of us. These are some aspects that have made my life adventurous, fun, challenging and meaningful…

  • Raising with pride, two individualistic daughters to adulthood and experiencing every stage of their development. Them figuring out their dreams and goals, making mistakes (as they’d asked I’d let them do) and still actualizing the steps towards living the purpose for their lives. There is no map for this territory and the unexpected detours along the parenting path have resulted in colourful double-rainbows of blessing and growth. To have these strong women in my life is my most precious extra-ordinary.

  • Five years ago my eldest daughter blessed us with a beautiful mixed-race grand-daughter who in my life is testimony to this glorious, rich, diverse South African heritage that we have. She is a ray of sunshine in my world. From my life, my womb, has flowed two further generations and that to me is extra-ordinary on many levels.

  • I’ve loved and lost and loved and left. I’ve separated and divorced; been to deep and dark places of shame, despair, and disappointment, and healed with hope, wholeness and an open heart for a future that still lies before me. I have learned to be content with me from a deep and authentic place. I have been forgiven and forgiven others. I have broken rules, challenged the status quo, made some poor and rich choices and investments. I have transformed and evolved. Much like raising children, relationship territory is largely unchartered and unique, but my adventures are still bringing extra-ordinary.

  • I’ve studied part-time from a young age to my later years, built a career I’ve enjoyed and transitioned through three quite diverse roles in a number of industries. The golden thread through all this led me to the work I do now that is aligned to my strengths, values, purpose, and love in life. Every day I get to do what I love and make a contribution in a place that I love, with people who I hugely respect. This is extra-ordinary and for this alone, I am humbled and GRATEFUL. When I started studying, there was no course or name for what I do and the fun that I have, but there was already a spark that had ignited and founds its way to now.

  • There are people in my everyday life that make this journey the greatest experience. I have an amazing family, life-long friends, clients and colleagues who’ve become treasured friends and the most colourful array of quality relationships that nurture my heart and mind and soul. There have been people for a reason, a season and a lifetime and this is EXTRA-ORDINARY.

  • And then there are the places I’ve seen, the journey’s I’ve traveled, the obstacles I’ve faced and experiences that would take a whole story to recount. My memories are my extra-ordinary… there are those in my photo albums, picture frames, and folders, but then there are those that are etched in places in my mind and heart that I can fetch for different reasons and different occasions. This is my wealth… from ticking off the places on my bucket list to someone who shows me something new and different from his world, to conversations that I’ve had on ordinary days that have turned them into extra-ordinary, to the colour I’ve painted on a canvas, to the words I’ve written on a page, to the homes and gardens I’ve created, to agony and ecstasy, to the paradox of complexity to essential simplicity of my every lesson, experience, thought, emotion and moment to make up my lifetime that is so intertwined, rich and meaningful. From this, I derive the essence of me and the joy and texture and flavour that is my life. Priceless.

Today comes full circle to the quote I posted this morning on my Facebook page… “Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.” Jack Kerouac


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