The Urban Oasis

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Early last year my husband and I moved into a beautiful new home in a leafy suburb, charmed by trees, flowers, bees, butterflies and birds. It was the culmination of a dream in me that started to germinate until it was something that could no longer be ignored. What came to life in this place is what I’ve always longed for. Together we have created The Urban Oasis, a haven of tranquility and calm in the city. It’s a place where people come to withdraw from their usual routine and the noise and demands of daily life, to be alone and quiet, unplugged, and to find their way back to life, replenished. We guide people in integrating mindfulness practices into daily living.

We are privileged to be stewards of this special place. In magical ways, practitioners of coaching and mindfulness practices, and writers and professionals, have found their way to us to use our venue for their endeavours. We offer mini-Retreats which can either be solo or supported on weekday mornings and afternoons, and groups on Saturdays throughout the year – five hours of soulful time. We have stylish accommodation for those wanting to stay over. 

It is exciting to launch our new Website, along with our AirBnB and listings to offer our gifts to the world. Join us as we celebrate a huge milestone in the 16 year journey of Living Essence to this point.

With love and gratitude,


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