What if…

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What if I live wholeheartedly and courageously get out of my own way?
What if this isn’t living in limbo, but rather the first samplings of the life of simplicity I’m creating?
What if it’s ok to cry, even if I’m the mother and the older sister, even if the tears dissolve my strength and the glue that keeps me together?
What if I unravel and it feels liberating rather than shameful as I felt it might be?
What if the deepest wish for my life really is possible, and possible in this very moment?
What if the reason it’s so hard right now is because I was never meant to do it alone?
What if I really can change and grow and unfold and transform?
What if I really can let go of my self-imposed rules and be content in all the present moments of my days?
What if I am as gentle and patient with myself as I am with those I love the most?
What if my choice for today is to be more and to do less and it feels congruent?
What if I am honest with myself now rather than later?
What if I know my intention in the choices that I make and trade being obstinate for being tolerant?
What if love really does cover a multitude of sins and forgiving myself first opens up my heart to being whole?
What if I really love with my whole heart, and have courage and authenticity to love myself first?


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